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​The last 18 months have been a turbulent one for both us and our clients as we have navigated the complexities for the Cash Flow Boost, JobKeeper and other ATO and Government initiatives that have helped to keep our clients in business.

The changes occurred frequently, and compliance is an ever-evolving issue and we at Fortis, are confident in challenging the outcomes when we know that they are not correct.  We monitor ATO case rulings, review papers and articles released by industry experts through our Tax Institute membership and the ATO itself.

Fortis’ proactive approach has had a great deal of success for our clients and we have ensured that all compliance was met for a successful outcome in the nearly all cases.

One recent success case was very pleasing to resolve.  Our client had started a business in December 2019.  The ATO denied them their Cash Flow Boost entitlement and we requested a review.  They rejected the application.  We felt this was not correct and requested further review using different arguments but with the same facts​.  We, however, kept monitoring the court cases and ATO announcements in this regard and in particular, listen​ed​ to our industry experts and through the Tax Institute ​(​of which we are a member​)​ sought the second review by the ATO with the same facts but different arguments. It was, after 6 months of waiting and research, ​that we were finally ​successful and the client received the $60,000 they deserved.

Needless to say the client was very happy and we appreciate the message we received from them:-​​

“Fortis stood up to the challenge working closely with the ATO and other professional bodies to correct the misjudged decision of the ATO. We were delighted to learn recently that the efforts of Fortis Accounting Partners over the lengthy period of time had resulted in the ATO reversing their earlier decision and granting our company its entitlement to the Cash Flow Boost, an important part to our businesses recovery. Thank you Henry Zhao and the team for your tenacious work”

We welcome all of our clients to review their situations and if they believe they may be eligible, contact Henry Zhao or John Kalachian

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