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Superannuation can be one of the most tax-effective ways to build your retirement nest egg and have financial security in the future.

There are a lot of superannuation options available to you which offer different benefits and ways to help you boost your super balance. However, choosing the right option and managing your super can be quite confusing due to the overwhelming amount of technical information available.

How Fortis helps with your Superannuation 

At Fortis Financial Planning, our aim is to make things simple and effective for you. We understand how important your Superannuation is, which is why we help you identify the suitable superannuation options that match your goals. 

Our specialists also provide superannuation advice across different types of super funds, including:

  • Self-managed super funds (SMSFs) – They are often referred to as “do it yourself” funds because trustees and members are the ones who handle their own investments. We can help you set this up and manage your SMSF so it’s compliant and working in your best interests.
  • Corporate Funds – Providing group discounts and special member benefits, these funds are set up with a financial institution by an employer to benefit their employees.
  • Industry Funds – These are the main funds that are often run by associations, unions and employers.
  • Personal or Retail Funds – Managed by financial institutions, these funds are tailored to the needs and goals of an individual.
  • Government Defined Benefit Schemes – They are valued based on formulas and can be affected by factors outside the investment market performance like years of service, average salary and contribution rates.

Finding the right superannuation strategy for you

To help you optimise your super funds and overall balance, here are some common superannuation strategies we help implement for you:

  • Consolidating Your Super – Combining all your super funds into one can make your super easier to track, simpler to manage and ensure you save on fees and charges.
  • Salary Sacrifice – Currently, most employees receive super guarantee (SG) contributions from their employer of at least 10% of their salary. If it’s applicable, you can add to these contributions directly from your gross (pre-tax) salary to top up your super.
  • Personal Tax-Deductible Contributions – To reduce your taxable income and increase your super balance for retirement, you can choose to claim a full tax deduction for personal contributions that you make to super.
  • The Government Co-Contribution – If your total income is below a certain threshold and you make a $1,000 after-tax contribution to super, the Government will generally contribute $500 to your super.
  • Split Super Contributions with Your Spouse – If you have a spouse, you are permitted to transfer certain super contributions from the previous financial year over to the super account of your partner.
  • Consider the Benefits of Spouse Contribution Tax Offsets – You can open a super account in your spouse’s name and make contributions to that account from your after-tax pay. You also have the option to place contributions to your spouse’s existing super account.

You can learn more about these strategies from your trusted financial planning professionals at Fortis Financial Planning. 

Just remember that it’s very important to get your superannuation sorted today with professional guidance. When your superannuation and SMSFs are managed correctly, it will accumulate wealth that can then sustain your lifestyle in the future.

How we work with you

At Fortis Financial Planning, we are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to managing your superannuation and ensuring it’s working hard for you every day.

Having our specialised team by your side means that you have peace of mind when it comes to your wealth. We understand that your superannuation strategy may need to shift due to life circumstances, economic events or investment-specific concerns. We are by your side to provide expert superannuation and SMSF guidance to ensure your investments are reviewed regularly and continue to meet your expectations throughout your life journey.

Why Fortis Financial Planning?

We’re proud to have a strong reputation of helping clients like you make well-informed decisions when it comes to superannuation and SMSF investment decisions, through years of experience, passionate expertise and the latest technology.

Fortis Accounting Partners collaborate together with you to achieve the optimal results based on your goals and needs. When we provide superannuation advice, you’ll be working with Australian financial specialists who build relationships with you based on mutual respect and understanding. You’ll experience this every time we discuss your needs, and you’ll notice our difference.

With our superannuation and SMSF services, you’ll discover our unique, personalised and human approach to investment strategy.

Our difference makes all the difference

To fulfil our commitment of delivering personalised financial services, we strive to be financial planners who are always within reach and ready to help. You can rely on us to be a phone call, a newsletter or an email away to answer questions and help you make sound decisions.  

Let’s discuss your superannuation 

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