Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Preparing for retirement can be daunting. Once your regular employment income ceases, you will need to fund your lifestyle through other sources.

An important question to ask yourself is whether you have accumulated enough to retire and fund your desired lifestyle.

At Fortis Financial Planning, we help clients to achieve their retirement goals. This assistance includes determining when they would like to retire and how much they may need throughout retirement, as well as the development of strategies to achieve these goals. We consider how your retirement can be funded in a tax-effective manner.

One of the most effective ways to provide some or all of your required level of income in retirement may be via a regular retirement income stream such as an account-based pension or an annuity. Some retirees may also be eligible for an Age Pension or other benefits from the Australian Government. It’s important to understand how all these options work in order to determine the solution that is right for you.

Another important component to retirement planning is setting goals, planning ahead and being smart with your savings and debt strategies. You can actively grow your wealth even from a modest start so that you are well prepared by your retirement.

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