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Securing the life, wealth and business you’ve worked so hard to build should always be on top of your list. However, there are always risks that we never see coming.

Unforeseen events like lawsuits, natural disasters, disabilities, illnesses and death can turn the tables and put your finances in jeopardy – along with your lifestyle.

Insurance can help protect you 

Personal risk insurance is an important way for both you and your dependents to get access to needed financial support in the event of serious accidents, illness, disability or death. If your ability to earn an income is affected, a personal risk insurance policy may enable you to maintain your current lifestyle and continue to support those who depend on you.

Having the right insurance policies can be a way to protect your interests and give you complete peace of mind.

How Fortis provides you with insurance options

At Fortis Financial Planning, we work with you to determine the best insurance type that meets your life goals and make sure you have the coverage you need – no matter what happens.

To ensure you can consistently support yourself and the loved ones who depend on you, here are the types of personal risk insurance we can assist you with:

  • Life Insurance: A lump sum payable on death or terminal illness that can assist your dependants maintain their living standards or pay off current debts.
  • Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance: A lump sum to support you if you are totally and permanently disabled due to illness or injury.
  • Income Protection Insurance: A monthly income stream to help you if you are temporarily unable to work because of illness or injury.
  • Trauma Insurance: A lump sum to financially aid you if you are diagnosed with a specified major medical condition (e.g. heart attack, stroke or cancer).

By drawing up the best insurance strategy for the worst-case scenarios, our team of insurance experts protects your assets, your family and your business. With our guidance and comprehensive insurance solutions, you can rest assured that you’re adequately protected.

Why Fortis Insurance services?

We’re proud to have a strong reputation of helping clients like you make well-informed decisions when it comes to insurance decisions, through years of experience, passionate expertise and the latest technology.

Fortis Financial Planners collaborate together with you to achieve the optimal results based on your goals and needs. When we provide insurance advice, you’ll be working with Australian financial specialists who build relationships with you based on mutual respect and understanding. You’ll experience this every time we discuss your needs, and you’ll notice our difference.

With our financial services, you’ll discover our unique, personalised and human approach to insurance.

Our difference makes all the difference

To fulfil our commitment of delivering personalised financial services, we strive to be financial planners who are always within reach and ready to help. You can rely on us to be a phone call, a newsletter or an email away to answer questions and help you make sound decisions.  

Let’s discuss your insurance and lifestyle goals

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