August 2019 Tax Due Dates

14 August

Lodge PAYG withholding payment summary annual report for:

  • large withholders whose annual withholding is greater than $1 million
  • payers who have no tax agent or BAS agent involved in preparing the report.

21 August

  • Lodge and pay July 2019 monthly business activity statement.

25 August

  • Lodge and pay quarter 4, 2018–19 activity statement if you lodge electronically.

28 August

  • Lodge and pay quarter 4, 2018–19 Superannuation guarantee charge statement – quarterly if the employer did not pay enough contributions on time.Employers who lodge a Superannuation guarantee charge statement – quarterly can choose to offset contributions they paid late to a fund against their super guarantee charge for the quarter. They still have to pay the remaining super guarantee charge.Note: The super guarantee charge is not tax deductible.Use our Super guarantee charge statement and calculator tool to work out the super guarantee charge and prepare the Superannuation guarantee charge statement – quarterly.
  • Lodge Taxable payments annual report.
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